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Al-Huda School's mission is to empower the Ummah by developing Muslim students into individuals who will be spiritually, emotionally, and physically wholesome and capable of dealing with today's challenges through the knowledge and implementation of the Qur'an, Sunnah, and through academic excellence.

Al-Huda School is a private non-profit Islamic educational institution located in College Park, Md. We strive to provide quality Islamic education for preschool through 12th grade. Our mission is to develop well-rounded students inspired by Islamic principles, excellent academics, and extracurricular activities, while seeking to prepare our students to live a God centered life rooted in the teachings of the Quran and authentic sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing all the administrative duties at schools from KG to 12th grades. Responsible for ensuring all school programs run smoothly on a day-to-day and long-term basis. 

Primary Responsibilities
  • Implement best and authentic Islamic practices as well as school’s philosophy and mission.
  • Provide a positive example to students by supporting Al-Huda School’s mission of educating the next generation of Muslims who seek guidance through the Quran and practice of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.
  • Organize, manage, evaluate, and supervise effective and clear procedures for the functioning of the class assigned, consistent with operations of the total school, and consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school and district, including instructional programs in the Core Curriculum Content Standards, program evaluation, extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, financial management for the class, personnel management, and community relations.
  • Ensure compliance with all laws, administrative codes, board policies and regulations.
  • Supervise in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems with high standards, consistent with the philosophy, values and mission of the school, in accordance with due process and other laws and regulations, ensuring a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students.
  • Prepare all required reports regarding violence, vandalism, attendance and discipline matters.
  • Counsel students and work closely with parents to help students to assume responsibility for behavior and understand the consequences of their decisions.
  • Check staff attendance and assign appropriate coverage.
  • Conduct discipline and suspension hearings in accordance with established school and district procedures.
  • Establish a professional rapport with students and with staff that earns their respect.
  • Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents, school personnel, and agencies associated with the school.
  • Serve as a role model for students, dressing professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession.
  • Supervise, and provide supervision for non-classroom areas as assigned.
  • Coordinate school and community resources for assigned students who need specialized assistance, including the services of the guidance counselor, social worker, nurse, psychologist
  • Check instructional materials and maintain inventories.
  • Develop with individual staff members a Professional Improvement Plan.
  • Ensure that the instructional programs engage the learner in tasks that require analytical and critical thinking, questioning the known, problem solving and creativity, that they address each student’s needs, interests, and skill levels, that they encourage the student to define individual goals and accept responsibility for learning, and that they provide a variety of methods for the student to demonstrate performance and accomplishments.
  • Assist with curriculum development, program evaluation, allocation of instructional materials and resources, and coordination of activities of departments assigned, ensuring that curriculum is current and addresses the Core Curriculum Content Standards.
  • Review progress reports and mid-year and final examinations for the departments assigned.
  • Supervise personnel as assigned by the Principal to ensure that all job responsibilities are met and exceeded.
  • Ensure that personnel evaluation procedures are accomplished in a fair and consistent manner that encourages accountability, growth, and excellence, in accordance with law, board policy, and contractual requirements.
  • Observe teachers, hold follow up conferences and maintain records on suggestions for needed improvement.
  • Recommend opportunities for effective staff development that address the needs of the instructional program and needs of the staff, including workshops, conferences, visitations, and sessions in which the staff shares successful practices and strategies.
  • Assure due process in carrying out the discipline code.
  • Supervise activities of the class, including evening activities, and share in the supervision of school-wide activities as assigned on a rotating basis.
  • Maintain visibility with students, staff, parents, and the community, attending school and community functions regularly to demonstrate a genuine interest in the students and staff.
  • Maintain locker assignments with functioning combinations. Investigate reports of thefts from lockers, and take actions to correct.
  • Supervise dismissal.
  • Conduct meetings as necessary.
  • Regularly inspect facilities to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.
  • Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of students, personnel, and visitors.
  • Follow procedures for emergencies and disasters, following state, and local guidelines.
  • Disaster preparedness procedures shall include fire, bomb threats, severe weather, emergency closing or delayed opening of the school, accidents, traffic emergencies, civil disturbances, disruptions, death, personal tragedy, and other unusual circumstances.
  • Follow established procedures for providing information to staff, students, and parents, and the media. Notify the Principal immediately of any unusual circumstances.
  • Provide regular opportunities for students to celebrate success in instructional programs and extracurricular activities, and inform parents and the community of the accomplishments of students, staff, and the school.
  • Communicate regularly with parents, seeking their support and advice, so as to create a cooperative relationship to support the student in the school.
  • Proofread report cards.
  • Use effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff, parents, and the community, including appropriate vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech.
  • Use excellent written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as required by regulations or requested by the Principal.
  • Answer correspondence promptly.
  • Ensure that personnel and student record keeping procedures comply with state and federal law. Follow procedures for safe storing and integrity of all public and confidential school records.
  • Attend required staff meetings and serve, as appropriate, on staff committees.
  • Represent the school at community, state, and professional meetings.
  • Continue to grow professionally through collaboration with colleagues and professional growth experiences.
  • Summarize, interpret, and disseminate current developments in discipline strategies, effective student motivation, learning theory and research, instructional strategies and classroom management through reading of professional journals, participation in professional development, and involvement in professional organizations.
  • Operate electronic and other equipment needed to carry out job functions and responsibilities.
  • Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.
  • Perform any duties that are within the scope of employment and certifications, as assigned by the SCHOOL and not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation.
Candidate Qualification:
  • Must hold a college degree (evaluation of degrees from overseas must be submitted)
  • Preference will be given to candidates with degrees in Education Administration
  • Administrator's certification is a plus
Candidate Experience:
  • Must have administrative experience in school settings
  • Experience in Islamic School settings is a plus
Job Title School Administrator
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