Funding Development Operations Director
Posted date [2021-Mar-16]  (ID: 1478)

Al-Huda School's mission is to empower the Ummah by developing Muslim students into individuals who will be spiritually, emotionally, and physically wholesome and capable of dealing with today's challenges through the knowledge and implementation of the Qur'an, Sunnah, and through academic excellence.

Dar-us-Salaam, a multi-faceted  community centered Islamic organization and the parent organization of Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland, is seeking Muslims who are passionate about serving Islam to join its Funding and Development Office -- a core Dar-us-Salaam department which manages donations, donor relations, marketing, and financial sustainability projects for Dar-us-Salaam.

Funding Development Operations Director

The Funding Development Operations Director works closely with the Funding Development Executive Director to ensure donors and their charitable giving find a responsive and efficient trustee in Dar-us-Salaam.

Donors expect their donations will be processed, acknowledged, and used faithfully. Doing so requires secure avenues for charitable giving, prompt and professional receipting and acknowledgement, and informative follow-up regarding the projects donors are supporting. The Funding Development Operations Director is the hands-on staff member who ensures all of the above Funding Development roles are executed on a daily basis.

At its core, the Funding Development Operations Director position is both an administrative position and a community relations position. The main responsibilities include:

  • Database management: data entry, data integrity management, querying and reporting
  • Donor relations: answering questions from donors and responding to their needs; communicating with donors including soliciting donations
  • Payment processing: entering donations using an online system, and working with the finance department to ensure timely and accurate bank deposits
  • Procurement: researching and selecting vendors, products, and event venues
  • Strategizing: participating in brainstorming sessions and other strategic meetings
  • Logistical support for events especially during peak fundraising periods (Ramadan and the end of year)
  • Updating social media and websites

The ideal candidate possess the following qualities:

  • A high degree of integrity and honesty
  • Punctual and professional
  • Good phone manners
  • Confidential
  • Is a strong reader and writer
  • Exhibits a strong work ethic
  • Has a record of reliability and commitment
  • Has good manners and understands the importance of kindness, patience, and compassion 
  • Is excited and motivated by serving Allaah and Islam
  • Is an independent learner who can get up to speed quickly, especially with technology by asking,  experimenting, and utilizing available training resources
  • Possess a general understanding of data, including the ability to generate and read reports
  • Is able to conduct independent research into products, venues and vendors
  • Can take general ideas and goals and convert them into actionable plans
  • Able to work weekends and evenings during peak times like Ramadan and special events
  • Experienced using social media and related online platforms and tools
  • Takes initiative and has a strong sense of task prioritization
  • Is a natural multi-tasker who uses an organized, documented system for task management
  • Is motivated and delighted when the task list shrinks down at the end of the day
  • Works well with all personality types and benefits others when working in a team
  • Can work well under deadlines and in high pressure situations

Preference will be given to US citizens with a Bachelor’s degree from a US educational institution, but other legal residents are welcomed to apply. For immediate consideration, email a resume and cover letter to minhaj(at)

Job Title Funding Development Operations Director
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